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Rest in Belarus

Lakes Of Belarus:

Hydrographic net of National Park Narochansky is represented by numerous lakes, small rivers and irrigation and drainage channels. Particular value are the lakes of the park, which are combined into several groups lake. Narochanskaya group includes interconnected lakes Batorino, Myastro, Naroch and Beloye.

A special place among water bodies takes the largest lake in Belarus Naroch (an area of about 80 km2, the volume of water mass 0.7 km 3). With its unique in quality bicarbonate-calcium water and wide, folded quartz sand littoral zone, it is an important recreational resources of the national park. Lake occupies an asymmetrical rounded basin.
Northern and north-eastern slopes of the high, abrasion, in other parts of the coast - the gentle sand. The banks are covered with forests, which are represented mainly by pine forests. Lake Myastro is a large pond with a rugged coastline. Northern and north-eastern slopes of the steep, in other places - gentle low marshy banks. Lake Batorino, starting in the chain of lakes, is a small pond with poor water quality.

Myadel group includes a number of medium and small deep ponds. The largest and deepest in its structure - Myadel Lake, the deepest lake and Volchin Rudakovo, Lake Lotvinov, Hodos and Rossokhy and shallow Kuzmichy. The highest water quality of the lake differ Rudakovo, Myadel and Volchin. Shvakshtinskaya group includes lakes Big and Small Lake and Shvakshty Belogolovoye Lake. A significant area, but shallow and weakly running lakes B. Shvakshty is popular with tourists and anglers. On its shore is equipped with several tourist sites.

Boldukskaya lake group located in the former reserve Blue Lakes. It includes Lake Bolduc, Glublya, Glubelka, Yachmenets, Imsharets, Dead Lake. Lake Bolduc, Glublya and Glubelka - deep flowing waters. The largest of them is the lake Bolduc (the area of 0.78 km2 and a maximum depth of 39.7 m). Lakes differ deep basins, clean water and the lack of expressed environmental violations. Lake Boldukskoy groups are characterized by exceptionally high aesthetic characteristics, however, are extremely sensitive to anthropogenic loads and need special protection.

Svir lake group includes large shallow lakes Svir, Vishnevsky and a number of smaller lakes - Svirnische, deaf, etc. Tuscha. The lowest water quality observed in lakes Svir and Sloboda, much cleaner water in the lake Vishnevskoe.

According to the National Park small rivers Naroch and Stracha flow. Naroch River originates from Lake Naroch. It has a slightly pronounced valley floodplain with a significant width of 300 - 600 m bed of sinuous, partially canalized, width 8 -16 m. Stracha River flows from the lake Shvakshty is poorly developed valley with gentle slopes, narrow (50 - 150 m) flood plain. The bed is strongly sinuous, width of 10 -20 m. The rivers are traditionally used for water tourism.

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