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Rest in Belarus

River Neman - one of the major rivers of Belarus, second only to the Dnieper and Zapadnaya Dvina. It is also one of the oldest rivers - River Neman floodplain began to form about 10 thousand years ago. River Neman flows through the territory of three countries: Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. In the lower reaches is the state border between Russia and Lithuania.

The source of the river Neman is located approximately 50 km south-west of Minsk, and its form by two rivers - Nemanets and Losha. Tributaries of the Neman River are 16 rivers, the largest of which - Svislach , Berezina , Ussa and Zelvianka

The length of the river Neman is 937 km, to the territory of Belarus is necessary to 459 km. The width of the river in some places reaches 10-15 km and depth - 35-45 m. The river banks are pebble, there are also rather large boulders that make up rapids in the river. Relief of the river - plain with groups or ranges of hills. The territory along the shores covered with mixed forests, predominantly with coniferous trees. About 5% of the total forest area consists of marshy forests.

On the river organized trade and transport links, nearby is located hydroelectric power plant.

The River Neman is home to many species of fish: white bream, tench, bream, perch, ide, roach and others. Fishing there can be both paid and free.

Perfect rest on the river Neman possible on a beach, and You can stay for the night in nearby cozy recreations, hunter houses and in the tourist complex.

  The object of rest lies near lakes:

The following live fish:

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