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Rest in Belarus

River Berezina takes place on the territory of Vitebsk, Minsk, Mogilev and Gomel region and is the longest river located throughout its course in Belarus.

Berezina originates in a swampy area north of the Minsk Upland in Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. It flows in a southerly direction along the Central Berezina plain and flows into the Dnieper in the territory of Rechitsa district, near the village of Beregovaya Sloboda. The length of the river is 613 km, and the pool area is 24,500 km2. The main tributaries are Bobr, Kleva, Olss, Ola (left), Gaina, Svisloch, Usha (right). In late autumn there are high floods, and in the freeze-up period of sharp decline. Among the towns on the Berezina are Borisov, Berezino, Bobruisk, Svetlogorsk. About 35% of the basin of the river occupied by forests. The largest lake located in the basin of a lake is Palik.

In the river are found pike, perch, roach, bream, tench, crucian carp, perched, white bream, as well as valuable species such as the perch, chub, chub, nase, catfish, burbot. Free fishing is permitted. The most popular area for fishing is Borisov.

There are recreation areas of the national importance of Berezino and Osipovichi, as well as the local ones - Drozdino, Prirechye, etc. in the picturesque places of the river, in addition, the resorts of Bobruisk and Gorval are set up on the territory.

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