Hunter's house Mezno - Rest in Belarus price 2024
Tuesday, 05.03.2024
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Rest in Belarus

hunter's house Mezno

hunter's house Mezno

(Vitebsk region)

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General information hunter's house Mezno

Hunter's house Mezno is located in the Polotsk district of the Vitebsk region. The hunter's house is located in a mixed forest, the nature of which you can enjoy by visiting the ecological path. Apple, pear, willow, fir, boxwood, spruce, tui, barberry, pine, birch, juniper grow on the territory.

Lake Suya is located in 1 km from the hunter's house Mezno

the lake Suya

  • Foundation year - 2013
  • Year of reconstruction - 0000
  • The quantity of rooms - 8 beds.
  • Checkout time
    • Check-in at: 12:00
    • check-out at: 12:00
      for every 24h
  • Children are accepted to live any age
  • Occupied territory - 0.23 he.
  • Territory security: territory is fenced, guarded by the health resort guard service
  • Hunter's house Mezno is situated at the distance of: city Polotsk - 12km ,city Vitebsk - 100km ,city Minsk - 250km
  • Geographical coordinates - 5522.552' N, 2849.908' E
Schedule of administrative and rescue services
  • person on duty: 24 hours, every day (hunter's house)

The period of operation Mezno
Mar 2024Apr 2024May 2024Jun 2024Jul 2024Aug 2024Sep 2024Oct 2024Nov 2024Dec 2024Jan 2025
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Location - hunter's house Mezno:

hunter's house
  • floors: 2
  • elevator: -
  • transitions: -
  • Max people: 8
  • Watch the video
  • floors: 1
  • elevator: -
  • transitions: -
  • Max people: 0
  • Watch the video

    Meals hunter's house Mezno

    Equipment for food preparation by the tourists

    Kitchen facilities
    • gas cooker
    • kettle
    • refrigerator
    • tableware
    • microwave owen
    • freezer
    • oven
  • Dining rooms 0 hall(a) on 0 places.
  • Banquet halls: 0 hall(a) on 0 places.
  • Additional menu
  • Meals schedule: third (health-improving)
  • Photo - Video hunter's house Mezno

    Prices for tickets hunter's house Mezno

      Accomodation / Conveniences / Facilities     The price of the room / cottage a night

    1-room double (hunter's house)

      one person can stay

     WC, washstand, shower on the floor / Wi-Fi
    05-March -  31-May-2024 68,64 BYN
       Cost for room (house) for 2 people 68,64 BYN a day.
    C  01-June-2024 - prices not approved Show prices and discounts
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    x8   for 8 people (hunter's house)

     WC, shower, washstand / TV, Wi-Fi, electric kettle, fireplace, fridge, kitchen, microvawe oven, music Center, oven, tableware, terrace
    05-March -  31-May-2024 270,60 BYN
       Cost for room (house) for 8 people 270,60 BYN a day.
    C  01-June-2024 - prices not approved Show prices and discounts
    Send order
    Photos of rooms available for reference. Interior design, equipment and furniture arrangement is specified for standard rooms and may vary.

    In the price included:
    • accomodation (room / house is booked whole)
    • amenities included in the price (of green colour in the table)

      Hunter's house includes:

      1st floor: includes an entrance hall; a living room with a fireplace and a set of upholstered furniture (a sofa), a music center and a TV; a banquet hall; a kitchen witch is equipped with a gas stove, a microwave, a fridge, an electric kettle, a set of dishes, a sink and kitchen cupboards; a bathroom (shower, toilet, washbasin).
      2nd floor: four double bedrooms, each of which has two single beds, a bathroom (shower, toilet, washbasin).

      Reception children hunter's house Mezno

      Conditions for the admission of children
      • Children accommodation from any age

      Wellness and SPA treatments hunter's house Mezno

      Infrastructure hunter's house Mezno

      - included in the price
      - included in the price, the limit is reached at an additional cost
      - is to be paid extra
      hunter's house Mezno - Arbour Arbour
       included in the price
      hunter's house Mezno - Banquet hall Banquet hall
       for 20 places, 1st floor
      hunter's house Mezno - Barbeque Barbeque
       gazebo, barbecue
      hunter's house Mezno - Bath Bath
       10 people, seance 2 hours
      hunter's house Mezno - Fishing Fishing
       is to be paid extra
      hunter's house Mezno - For disabled people - rampant For disabled people - rampant
       included in the price
      hunter's house Mezno - Internet - Wi-fi Internet - Wi-fi
       in the house
      hunter's house Mezno - Parking lot Parking lot
       10 places
      hunter's house Mezno - Rent boats Rent boats
       2 boats
      hunter's house Mezno - Rental Rental
       bicycle, quadracycle
      hunter's house Mezno - Shooting gallery Shooting gallery
      hunter's house Mezno - TV TV
       30 channels, interactive Zala

      Additional services hunter's house Mezno

      1. arbor rent /3hr
      2. area for barbecue rent /24hr
      3. attending sauna /2hr
      4. banquette hall rent /1hr
      5. bicycle hire /1hr
      6. fishing /1hr
      7. parking /24hr
      8. quad bike hire /1hr
      9. safari tour /3hr
      10. services of the huntsman /1hr
      11. shooting range /1hr
      Show all (+11)

      Prices for services are shown for reference at the time of arrival, price list may change

      Leisure hunter's house Mezno

      Pastime ans leisure organisation
      • Sporting Events for target shooting
      • Bicycle tourism, hiking 
      • Quatrocycle driving 
      • The celebrations 
      • Organization of fishing 
      • Organization of hunting 
      • Sightseeing tour - Polotsk, St. Sophia Cathedral 
      • ECO pathway 
      • Photo safari "Hunting without a shot"

      The address, how to get there hunter's house Mezno

      Address hunter's house Mezno:
      211405 Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Polatsk disrict, Mezhno-1 village.

      How to get to hunter's house Mezno by public transport:

      • from Minsk to the railway station Polotsk daily train Minsk-Vitebsk, departure time 21:28.
      • from Minsk to the railway station Polotsk train Minsk-Polotsk (on fridays), departure time is 17:14.
      • from Minsk to the railway station Polotsk train Minsk - Riga (on odd days the), departure time 22:26.
      • from Minsk from the bus station Minsk-Central to the bus station of Polotsk shuttle bus or shuttle taxi Minsk-Polotsk, Minsk-Verhnedvinsk, Minsk-Saint Petersburg, departure time 08:00 (daily), 12.10 (fr, sun), 16.30 (mon, fri, sat, sun).
      • from the bus station of Polotsk by taxi or by shuttle bus Polotsk - Minsk, Polotsk - Lepel, Polotsk - Ushachi to the stop Mezno, then walk about 1.5 km to the hunter's house Mezno
      • organization of a transfer from Polotsk to the hunter's house Mezno in a company car is possible.

      The Administration of an enterprise doesn't bear responsibility forchanges in the public transport schedule.

      Transport shedule hunter's house Mezno:

      How to get to hunter's house Mezno by car:

      • Vitebsk - Polotsk (about 109 km):
        On the highway P20 (Vitebsk-Polotsk-the border of the Republic of Latvia (Grigorovschina)) to the city of Polotsk.
      • Minsk - Polotsk (about 236 km):
        On the highway M3 (Minsk-Vitebsk) to the intersection with the highway P46 (Lepel-Polotsk-Border of the Russian Federation (Juhovichi)) (about 165 km); On the left, along the P46 (Lepel-Polotsk-Russian border (Juhovichi)) to Polotsk (about 71 km).
      • Mr. Polotsk - the hunter's house Mezno (about 12 km):
        On the highway H3201 (bypassing the village of Zakharnichi) before turning left (near the village of Girshino) following the signs for the hunter's house Mezno (about 11 km); To the left, following signs to the hunter's house Mezno (about 1 km).
      Border crossing, customs, border

      Taxi hunter's house Mezno

      Free online booking and payment on the fact, quickly, safely, comfortably

      Taxi ( for 4 persons price per car):
      The order of the car for you date and time, meeting at a car of a train, the bus or in a hall of arrivals, help with luggage and currency exchange. The price - for all car in independence of number of passengers.

      17km city Polotsk 18,70 BYN book
      108km city Vitebsk 183,60 BYN book
      179km city Borisov 196,90 BYN book
      242km city Minsk 314,60 BYN book
      252km Minsk International Airport 327,60 BYN book

      Location on the map hunter's house Mezno

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