Hunter's house Gat - Rest in Belarus price 2024
Thursday, 18.07.2024
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Rest in Belarus

hunter's house Gat

hunter's house Gat

(Brest region)

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General information hunter's house Gat

Hunter's house Gat is located in the Baranovichi district of the Brest region. Hunter's house is located in a mixed forest. The territory is dominated by coniferous trees.

Hunter's house is located on the shore of the Gat reservoir, the area of which is 130 hectares. The distance from the hunter's house to the reservoir is 50 m. Fishing is possible there.

the lake Gat

The period of operation Gat
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Location - hunter's house Gat:

hunter's house
  • floors: 1
  • elevator: -
  • transitions: -
  • Max people: 12
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    sauna house
  • floors: 1
  • elevator: -
  • transitions: -
  • Max people: 0
  • Watch the video

    Meals hunter's house Gat

    Equipment for food preparation by the tourists

    Kitchen facilities
    • kettle
    • refrigerator
    • tableware
    • microwave owen
    • elektrocooker
    • freezer
  • Dining rooms 0 hall(a) on 0 places.
  • Banquet halls: 1 hall(a) on 25 places.
  • Additional menu
  • Meals schedule: third (health-improving)
  • Photo - Video hunter's house Gat

    Prices for tickets hunter's house Gat

      Accomodation / Conveniences / Facilities     The price of the room / cottage a night

    x12   house for 12 people (hunter's house)

     WC, washstand, shower on the floor / TV in the hall, balcony, electric kettle, fireplace in the common room, kitchen, microvawe oven, oven, safe, tableware, terrace
    18-July -  31-December-2024 360,00 BYN
       Cost for room (house) for 12 people 360,00 BYN a day.
    C  01-January-2025 - prices not approved Show prices and discounts
    Send order
    Photos of rooms available for reference. Interior design, equipment and furniture arrangement is specified for standard rooms and may vary.

    In the price included:
    • accomodation (room / house is booked whole)
    • amenities included in the price (of green colour in the table)
    • entertainment programme (except chargeable)

      Fisher's house functions only during the warm season.

      In the hunter's house:
      1st floor: spacious lounge with fireplace and dining tables, equipped kitchen for cooking. The kitchen has a stove, a refrigerator, an electric kettle, a microwave oven.
      2d floor: 2-bed and 3-bed rooms, billiard room.
      The house has hot and cold water. There is a bathroom on each floor. The house has a terrace.

      The fisher's house consists of 3-bed and 4-bed rooms and a small equipped kitchen for cooking. The kitchen has a stove, a refrigerator, an electric kettle, dishes. The house has only cold water supply.

      Reception children hunter's house Gat

      Conditions for the admission of children
      • Children accommodation from any age
      • There is a Playground

      Wellness and SPA treatments hunter's house Gat

      Infrastructure hunter's house Gat

      - included in the price
      - included in the price, the limit is reached at an additional cost
      - is to be paid extra
      hunter's house Gat - Arbour Arbour
       6 arbors, 4-40 places
      hunter's house Gat - Banquet hall Banquet hall
       for 25 places
      hunter's house Gat - Barbeque Barbeque
       3 grounds: braziers
      hunter's house Gat - Bath Bath
       7 people, session 2 hours
      hunter's house Gat - Beach Beach
      hunter's house Gat - Billiards Billiards
       1 table, russian, 2nd floor
      hunter's house Gat - Parking lot Parking lot
       for 15 cars, guarded
      hunter's house Gat - Place to put up tents Place to put up tents
       up to 20 tents
      hunter's house Gat - Rent boats Rent boats
       is to be paid extra
      hunter's house Gat - Shooting gallery Shooting gallery
       plates, standing boar
      hunter's house Gat - Sportsground Sportsground
      hunter's house Gat - Table tennis (Ping-pong) Table tennis (Ping-pong)
       1 table, ground floor
      hunter's house Gat - Water reservoir Water reservoir
       water reservoir Gat, area 130 hectares

      Additional services hunter's house Gat

      1. attending sauna 60,00 BYN/2hr
      2. bicycle hire 1,80 BYN
      3. billiard
      4. board games hire
      5. fishing 5,00 BYN/12hr
      6. parking lot
      7. services of the huntsman
      8. shooting at flying targets
      9. shooting range
      10. tent placement
      11. transport services
      Show all (+11)
      Prices for services are shown for reference at the time of arrival, price list may change

      Leisure hunter's house Gat

      Pastime ans leisure organisation
      • Hiking, walking tours 
      • Berries and mushrooms collecting 
      • Organization of fishing 
      • Organization of hunting 
      • Zhirovichi Sviato-Uspensky Monastery 
      • ECO pathway 

      The address, how to get there hunter's house Gat

      Address hunter's house Gat:
      225357 Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Baranovichi district

      How to get to hunter's house Gat by public transport:

      • from the bus station Baranovichi by buses following the routes Baranovichi-Dobry Bor, Baranovichi-Kolbovichi, to the stop tourist camp Lesnoye ozero. Departure time 06.25 (Daily), 11.50 (Sat), 15.00 (Tues, Thurs), 15.05 (Mon, Wed, Fri), 16.05 (Sun), 18.15 (Fri, Sat)
      • walk about 2 km from the road to the hunter's house
      • on a taxi from Baranovichi to the hunter's house.

      The Administration of an enterprise doesn't bear responsibility forchanges in the public transport schedule.

      Transport shedule hunter's house Gat:

      How to get to hunter's house Gat by car:

      • Polotsk - Minsk (about 225 km):
        along the P46 (Lepel-Polotsk-Russian border (Juhovichi)) to Lepel (about 70 km); on the highway M3 (Minsk-Vitebsk) to Minsk (about 155 km).
      • Vitebsk - Minsk (about 280 km):
        on the highway M3 (Minsk-Vitebsk) to Minsk (about 280 km).
      • Minsk - hunter's house Gat (about 172 km):
        on the highway M1 (Brest (Kozlovichi) - Minsk-border of Russia (Redki)) before crossing with the route P99 (Baranovichi-Volkovysk-Pogranichny-Grodno) (about 154 km); on the left, along the road P99 (Baranovichi-Volkovysk-Pogranichny-Grodno) to the intersection with the motorway H332 (in the vicinity of Tartaky village) (about 10 km); on the left, along the motorway H332 (bypassing the Tartaki village ) before turning right to the pointer to the hunter's house Gat (hunting and fishing base Gat) (about 7 km); to the right, according to the pointer to the hunter's house Gat (hunting and fishing base Gat) (about 1 km).
      Border crossing, customs, border

      Taxi hunter's house Gat

      Free online booking and payment on the fact, quickly, safely, comfortably

      Taxi ( for 4 persons price per car):
      The order of the car for you date and time, meeting at a car of a train, the bus or in a hall of arrivals, help with luggage and currency exchange. The price - for all car in independence of number of passengers.

      30km city Baranovichi 39,00 BYN book
      46km city Ivatsevichi 50,60 BYN book
      172km city Minsk 223,60 BYN book
      176km city Grodno 228,80 BYN book
      186km city Brest 223,20 BYN book
      243km Minsk International Airport 315,90 BYN book
      457km city Vitebsk 1142,50 BYN book

      Location on the map hunter's house Gat

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