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Mobile operators - A1

The unitary enterprise «A1» is a cellular operator of GSM standard in Belarus. Since November, 2007 the Company is a member of Telekom Austria Group that is one of the most successful telecommunication holdings in Europe. Thanks to technological leadership and broad coverage area A1 provides its subscribers with comfortable mobile communication conditions and is constantly expanding the list of innovative mobile services.
The Company started its business on April 16th, 1999.

A1 provides its subscribers with multiple services:

  • voice communication,
  • international calls,
  • nternational roaming,
  • SMS (short messages service),
  • MMS
  • SMS–info (information and entertainment services - news, leisure, currency rates, weather and other useful information at the request of the subscriber),
  • SMS-banking,
  • logos and melodies,
  • SMS-games,
  • voice mail,
  • conference call,
  • connection of Twin Cards,
  • Customer Care Automatic Service CCAS (IVR),
  • Cards «Express-payment» (the ability to replenish the subscriber's account by means of SMS-messages),
  • mobile Internet (Internet access using a mobile phone or GPRS-modem).

The enterprise «A1» have a republican network of sales and service centres. Currently in Belarus operates 85 branded sales and service centers A1, located in 32 cities. For subscribers’ comfort most of A1 centres are working 9:00 – 21:00 without breaks and days off.

In A1 centres you can:

  • connect to the network A1;
  • purchase handsets, smartphones, tablets of the world leading manufacturers, all of them are certified on the territory of Belarus and have 1 year guarantee;
  • buy USB-modems to access the Internet;
  • buy GPS-trackers, mobile accessories;
  • pay for A1 communication service;
  • get qualified consultation on all questions and issues about communication service of the company.

Non-reference and information service of A1:

  • 411 or 410 (from mobile phone in A1 network - free of charge);
  • +375 17 330-30-30;
  • 150 (available for A1 subscribers according to the rate);
  • fax: +375 17 328-62-52.

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