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Rest in Belarus

Toll roads in Belarus

System BelToll / - Toll roads in Belarus

General information about toll roads in Belarus and system Beltoll /

System BelToll /  - Toll roads in BelarusA fee is provided for the passage of motor vehicles of foreign states on the roads of the Republic of Belarus. The amount of the fee depends on the vehicle category and the distance traveled.

From the 1 August, 2013 was introduced electronic payment system for toll highways. The entrance to the toll road sections is marked with the sign "Toll road". And completion of toll stations - "End of toll road"

BelToll / - is an electronic system for collecting tolls on a toll road based on the use of technologies specialized communication for short distances. The electronic toll collection system in free multi-lane traffic ensures the exchange of information between the transceivers installed on the toll portals and the on-board devices, which allows the collection of payments from road users automatically, without the need to reduce speed or select a specific lane.

The legal basis for the development of the Belarusian toll collection system BelToll / is the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 27 September, 2012 426 "On certain issues of the electronic toll collection system for vehicles on certain roads of the Republic of Belarus".

The total length of toll roads is 1,613 km.

Work with system BelToll /

Before using BelToll system, vehicle owners must complete the following steps:

  • Determine whether you are required to pay for the selected road
  • Determine with transport fares
  • Register, sign up and receive the vehicle unit.
  • Top-up balance for prepayment mode
  • Build on the vehicle unit

Map of toll roads in Belarus and service points you can see here.

Transport fares

System BelToll /  - Toll roads in Belarus

According to the Resolution of the Ministry of transport and communications of the Republic of Belarus of 17 June, 2013 21 (ed. Decree of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Belarus from 10 September, 2014, 32) the following tariffs are established for calculation of the size of the fare of vehicles on toll roads depending on technically admissible total weight of transport tools and number of axes:

  • Power-driven vehicles with a permissible total mass to 3,5 tonnes including - 0.040 / km
  • Power-driven vehicles with a permissible total mass of more than 3,5 tons, 2 axles - 0.090 / km
  • Power-driven vehicles with a permissible total mass of more than 3,5 tons, 3 axles - 0.115 / km
  • Power-driven vehicles with a permissible total mass of more than 3,5 tons, 4 axles and more - 0.145 / km

The approximate size of the fare from Brest to border c of the RF on the M1 highway on the car will make 24.39 .

Vehicles registered in the territory of the member States of the Eurasian economic Union (EAEU) with technically permissible total mass no more than 3,5 tons are exempt from toll roads. Mopeds and motorbikes are also exempted from toll roads in Belarus.

Registration in the system BelToll /

You can register in system BelToll / in the section "Registration". After registration owner of vehicles enters into a contract, which specifies terms of use toll road. To sign the contract, you must visit any of the service points. If the owner of the vehicle does not conclude the contract of use of the toll road, the contract is considered concluded from the moment of departure of the vehicle on the toll road.

In system BelToll / provides for the conclusion of the contract in the payment mode in fact (for vehicles with a total mass of more than 3.5 tons) or in the prepayments (for vehicles with a total mass not exceeding 3.5 tons). Prepayment mode is recommended for drivers of vehicles that are rarely used toll road.

SMS-request of balance check

From the 7 February, 2018 users of the system Beltoll / can check ballance yourself with the help of SMS-request from mobile phone. You may send SMS on number +375 29 222 07 07 with the text in the format: BELTOLL#ID clients#IDcontract. Information for fill the margins ID clients and ID contract you can see in the contract of using toll road. All neccessary information you can see by the operator of Infoline on number +375 172 798 798. SMS-request are available for all contracts, which are serviced by the prepayment.

Transport fares on toll roads

System BelToll /  - Toll roads in BelarusTransport fares on toll roads in the system BelToll / is based according to the contract. In order to pay the fare, the driver must be registered in the system BelToll / . As well the owner of the vehicle can contact the service point of the electronic toll collection system BelToll / , which are located near road border crossings, along the toll roads and in all regional centers of the Republic. Points work in the 24 hours a day. A list of border crossings on the border of the Republic of Belarus here.

In visa-free zones of the Republic of Belarus the largest highways include in the system of toll roads Beltoll / . You can see more information about visa-free regime for entry in the Republic of Belarus on the web portal belarus-online.by/visafree.

In the regime of prepayment before using of toll road it's neccessary to make a prepayment. Transport fares on the regime of prepayment, as for the passage, it will be possible deposit only in BYN at the established rates in euros at the official rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the date of payment.

You can pay the fare in cash or by Bank transfer.

Calculate the amount of payment for the fare on the toll road, you can use Calculator payments, which allows calculate the size of the pay for road tolls.

When approaching the zero balance, the on-board device will start to signal this. In such situations, you should visit the nearest service center clients and top up your balance.

Electronic payment device (vehicle unit)

System BelToll /  - Toll roads in BelarusIt is possible to receive the onboard device after registration of transport funds in the BelToll system / Beltoll and making the necessary collateral value:

  • 20 for vehicle with a technically permissible total mass no more than 3,5 tons;
  • 50 for a vehicle with a technically permissible total mass of more than 3,5 tons.

The vehicle unit is mounted on the windshield of the car and when the vehicle passes under the portals collecting fees provides write-offs for travel.

Some vehicles have so-called metallic or insulated windshield. If the car is equipped with thermal glass, the user should check with the manufacturer in advance where the metallization-free zone is located and place the device according to the user Manual.

Each time you drive under the charging station, the device must beep once. If there is no signal or the device emits more than one signal - it's recommended to stop traffic on the toll road, because the first penalty of 100 euros has already entered the system, so you need to immediately contact to the nearest point of service, having previously called infoline +375 172 798 798 and registering his appeal.

Occurrences types

In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, each incident is assigned a certain type. For 2-hour time basis accidents are grouped into violations. The type of violation is determined by the most serious incident in the violation, according to which the amount of the fine is determined.

The type of incident is indicated by a number in The Appendix to the Act of violation. Additionally, the decoding of the value of each digit corresponding to different digits is provided the types of incidents. As a result, the following types of incidents are identified in the system BelToll / :

  • Type incidents 1 - incorrect placement of the electronic payment device or its absence on the vehicle.
  • Type incidents 3 - use of an electronic payment device with fewer axles than the actual one on the vehicle.
  • Type incidents 4 - the absence of a fixed payment for travel on the EPD (low balance vehicle unit).
  • Type incidents 5 - use of the electronic payment device which is not allowing to make payment for journey in accordance with the established procedure (the account onboard the device is suspended in service or is blocked).
  • Type incidents 12 - using an electronic payment device that is not personalized for this vehicle.

When you try to drive on a toll road without a vehicle unit or insufficient funds in the account, the system transmits data about the offender to the transport inspection of the Ministry of transport and communications of the Republic of Belarus, which collects payment in compulsory mode and in an increased amount.

Traffic rules

System BelToll /  - Toll roads in BelarusTraffic of vehicles is carried out on the roads for cars and highways, which are designated by appropriate traffic signs. Please note that the roads and motorways are only accessible by vehicles, which can reach speeds of more than 40 km/h. on the carriageway reverse movement is forbidden, on highways towing of the vehicle is also forbidden (if evacuation, you must leave the motorway at the next exit). U-turn and entry into the gaps of the dividing strip is allowed only in places designated by the road sign Place to turn, Zone for turn.

Stops for vehicles are marked with road signs Stopping, Vacation spot. Also, the means of transportation can stop on the right in the course movement the roadside, in its absence or impossibility to stop on it - at the edge of the carriageway parallel to the roads (outside towns it is allowed only stop vehicles), on the left side of the bus stop is possible with one-way traffic, and in the absence of the roadside or inability to stop on it - at the left edge of the carriageway in the presence there of the sidewalk which is directly adjacent to the carriageway of the road, and in settlements-also on the road with one lane for each direction without tram tracks in the middle.

Stopping for more than 5 minutes and parking of the vehicle, including in the places specially reserved for rest, shall be carried out with the idle engine. Places where stopping and parking are prohibited:

  • pedestrian crossings;
  • intersections;
  • stopping points for fixed-route vehicles;
  • bridges, viaducts, overpasses and under them, except for specially equipped parking lots;
  • accident reports
  • tram tracks;
  • on the sidewalks in designated areas, lawns and others.

Inclusion of the emergency light alarm system at a stop and parking in the forbidden places doesn't exempt from responsibility for violation of traffic regulations.

The carriage of children in a passenger car equipped with safety belts shall be carried out using child restraints appropriate to weight and height of the child and other means allowing to fasten safely the child by means of the safety belts provided by the design of the vehicle, under the age of twelve.

Speed limit

Standard speed limits in Belarus:

System BelToll /  - Toll roads in Belarus

  • Cars (to 3.5 t.) :
    • in the village - 60 km/h
    • outside of the village - 90 km/h
    • on the highway - 110 km/h
  • Cars with trailer :
    • in the village - 50 km/h
    • outside of the village - 70 km/h
    • on the highway - 90 km/h
  • Motos :
    • in the village - 60 km/h
    • outside of the village - 90 km/h
    • on the highway - 90 km/h

Vehicles driven by drivers with driving experience of up to 2 years no more 70 km/h.

In the zone of the sign "Living area" speed of vehicles must not exceed 20 km/h.

Maximum permissible speed for vehicles with a permissible mass of up to 3.5 tons on the highway Brest-Minsk-boarder RF (M1/30) 120 km/h (accompanied by appropriate signs).

Speed limit was raised to 120 km/h on the next sites of highways:

  • 1 Minsk Dzerzhinsk (all over);
  • M1/30 Minsk boarder of Russia (573 km 610 km);
  • M4 Minsk Mogilev (all over);
  • M5 Minsk Gomel (all over, expect of the site from 21 km to 57 km, on this speed are limited 100 km/h);
  • M6 Minsk Grodno (8 km 57 km).

With the exception of sections of the named roads that are in the vicinity:

  • pedestrian crossings in one level;
  • to allow left-turn intersections with ramps;
  • areas of concentration of road accident.

Also increased to 100 km/h the speed of vehicles on some sections of MRAR.

Car insurance and Green card

System BelToll /  - Toll roads in Belarus In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, each owner he is obliged to insure his vehicle, that is, in the case of an accident due to the fault of the owner to issue civil liability insurance. Insurance the car can be of several types, each of which has its own characteristics.

  • CIL - a compulsory insurance policy that guarantees consideration of the case on the occurrence of an insured event in a short time. The policy protects the CICL and the victim and the culprit of the accident.
  • CASCO - comprehensive car insurance option that provides comprehensive protection against many risks at once rather than one or more.
  • Complex insurance of the car provides insurance protection at hit of the vehicle in road accident due to fault of its owner. In this case, the cost of for the accident will cover the insurance company.

At the entrance to the territory of the Republic of Belarus the driver is obliged to have at itself the contract of insurance Green card, that provides right of entry to the territory of Belarus in his car. Green card provides liability insurance for causing damage to third parties. Foreign citizens can sign a contract border insurance in all border crossing checkpoints. Green card it must be valid for the entire period of stay of the car of Belarus, but for a period of time not less than 15 days, for a shorter period can not be issued.

The insurance premium under the Green card insurance contract is paid in freely convertible currency ($, euros). If the insurance period of Green card is over, and You need to stay in Belarus for some time, You need to conclude an internal insurance contract of civil liability of car owners, which can be issued in almost any insurance company.

Videos of roads in Belarus

You can also see the video of the roads of Belarus.

Watch a video of other ways you can here.

There are still questions - call the Infoline system BelToll / on number +375-172-798-798 or send an e-mail to info@beltoll.by.

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